Bangladesh Poribeshbid Society

A National Platform for All Environmental Graduates in Bangladesh

Govt. Reg. No. S-13643/2021

Master Plan

Bangladesh Poribeshbid Society has prepared a Master Plan to lay foundation of the Society through implementing various activities for achieving its’ objectives in the long term. Although this plan is prepared for next five years (2021-2025), most of the activities will be continued beyond this period. Total 42 activities are identified under six divisions- Admin and Finance (7), Education and Professional Development (10), Publicity and Communication (13), Environmental Awareness (4), Environmental Policy (4), and International Affairs (4). List of activities and timeline are given in the following table.

Sl. No. Code Name of activity Timeline(within 2021 – 2025)
  AD Admin and Finance Division  
1 AD1 Develop financial operation procedures 2021
2 AD2 Membership registration process Continuous from 2021
3 AD3 Finance Management policy 2021
4 AD4 Develop policy for organizing programs jointly with other organizations 2021
5 AD5 Audit Plan 2021
6 AD6 Annual Report Every year
7 AD7 Digital Membership Card Continuous from 2021
  ED Education and Professional Development Division  
8 ED1 Arrange seminar for scholarship and higher studies in Bangladesh and abroad Continuous from 2021
9 ED2 Skill development among the graduates (Supervising graduates about job preparation) (e.g. seminar, mentoring, weekly job bulletin) Continuous from 2021
10 ED3 Establish linkage between EG and Dialogue with the industries, NGOs and research organizations (e.g. Internship opportunity) Continuous from 2021
11 ED4 Arrange a job fair Every year from 2022
12 ED5 Inclusion of environmental subjects in BCS and other job sectors 2021 – 2023
13 ED6 Providing supports to all universities for improving academic curriculum Continuous from 2022
14 ED7 Environmental Olympiad Every year from 2022
15 ED8 Organize national and international conferences 2022, 2024
16 ED9 Publish Scientific Journal, Environmental Magazine. (Env magz- 2 issues per year) (Sci. journal- separate) Continuous from 2021
17 ED10 Publishing book Continuous from 2023
  PC Publicity and Communication Division  
18 PC1 Develop and publish promotional materials (leaflet/ poster/ advertisement) on the activities of the Society Continuous from 2021
19 PC2 Manage media relations and develop contacts with media members Continuous from 2021
20 PC3 Managing the organization’s official website and social media presence Continuous from 2021
21 PC4 Coordinating rapid-response and crisis communications (policy development) Continuous from 2021
22 PC5 Manage relationship with the Educational, Govt. and other Non-governmental Institutions (including enlistment) Continuous from 2021
23 PC6 Development of internal and external communication strategy 2021
24 PC7 Publish newsletter publication (about activities of the Society) (around 2-4 pages; distribution to members + other organizations) Half yearly from 2021
25 PC8 Publish annual report (financial & activity) Every year
26 PC9 Develop strategy for collaboration and MoU with national & international organizations 2021
27 PC10 Youtube Channel with event and content development Continuous from 2021
28 PC11 Live event announcement/broadcasting system/ procedures 2021
29 PC12 Develop policy advocacy and lobbying strategy (during any environmental crisis) 2021
30 PC13 Facilitate environmental specialists to write on various environmental issues in Newspaper Continuous from 2021
  EA Environmental Awareness Division  
31 EA1 Organize awareness programs focusing on ‘Green City’ movement Continuous from 2022
32 EA2 Observe various important environmental days (World Environmental Day, World Water Day, Environmental Awareness Day, World Migratory Bird Day, etc.) Continuous from 2021
33 EA3 Campaign for good environmental practices (Savings energy and waste management) in the universities/ Local Govt. & Non-Govt Offices Continuous from 2021
34 EA4 Environmental Awareness App 2022
  EP Environmental Policy Division  
35 EP1 Reviewing status of environmental laws implementation in the City Corporations in Bangladesh Continuous from 2021
36 EP2 To explore and identify new policies (existed in foreign countries, mentioned in different treaties and conventions etc.) and standards required for different sectors of environment and accordingly petitioning to government Continuous from 2021
37 EP3 Influencing/ Facilitating private companies/ industries for implementing environmental laws Continuous from 2022
38 EP4 Influencing/ Facilitating government organizations for implementing environmental laws Continuous from 2022
  IA International Affairs Division  
39 IA1 Information collection and dissemination about higher education, research and scholarship from various foreign Universities. Continuous from 2021
40 IA2 To arrange training, seminar, workshop etc who are searching for job or interested to do research abroad, and Mentorship Program Continuous from 2021
41 IA3 Communication and relation building with Global Institute like UNEP, IPCC, IUCN etc. Continuous from 2021
42 IA4 Liaison with foreign universities and organizations for equivalency for environmental science related degrees obtained in Bangladesh (for scholarship seekers and potential Immigrants). Continuous from 2022

Environmental Research Publication Form

Message From Executive Director

Abu Jubayer

With great pleasure, I welcome you all to Bangladesh Poribeshbid Society- a national level platform for all environmental graduates in Bangladesh. We wish to be connected with environmental graduates and put collective efforts to progress environmental education and professional development of the graduates. From the beginning of the Society, we have already started various activities for supporting our members through providing information on jobs and scholarship opportunities, creating awareness through seminars and publications, and connecting graduates and current students through networking programs. We will explore every opportunity for our members and establish our professional positions in all sectors in Bangladesh. Also, we will take collaborative actions with other environmental organizations for enhancing environmental awareness and environmental protection in Bangladesh. I expect your warm and heartiest cooperation for fulfilling our mission and vision of the Society.

Message From President

A.K.M. Humayan Kabir Dewan

Environment is now one of the words that is used by all types of communities including scientist, businessman, public and private sectors in around the world. It becomes a central issue not only for Bangladesh context as well as in the international debate in the early part of twenty first century. Since 1996, different public and private universities of Bangladesh offer courses for the Environmental Science related Department. But the Environment Graduates are facing lot of challenges to develop their professional careers in this sector due to less professional skills and communications. For these challenges environment graduates felt to establish their own organization to develop academic excellence and professional careers in national and international level. By this visionary thought, Bangladesh Poribeshbid Society established in 2020. Now it is a national platform for all environment graduates of Bangladesh. Beside the professional and educational development, the society always encourage all types of peoples to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature, and to ensure that natural resources are used in an equitable and ecologically sustainable manner. The society always ready to provide any types of support to government and non-government organizations for improving and implementing environment policies, laws and regulations. We always welcome to all environment graduates of Bangladesh in our dream platform.